About Us

Wisdom World Class Products


Wisdom Heavy Duty Brake Products (founded in 2003) is a premier manufacturer of quality brake products designed for the heavy-duty truck and trailer markets throughout the world. Wisdom is committed to the development and production of efficient, safe and environmentally friendly brake equipment. Wisdom is a member in good standing with FMSI.

Formulations and Technology

Through the combined efforts of our American, Canadian and Global team, Wisdom has developed an impressive line-up of products suited for on-highway applications throughout the world. Our proven formulations provide value and reliability.

Wisdom Brakes Certification

Wisdom’s quality products are shipped throughout North America, Europe, China, Latin America and South America. All of Wisdom’s friction formulas products have been tested and passed FMVSS 121 at Link Engineering in Michigan, US. Product quality is monitored by a professional, experienced quality control team, utilizing the most modern technology. This ensures consistent performance in all Wisdom products. Wisdom friction is ISO9001:2008 and TS16949:2009 certified. Our friction has also attained the highest "N" environmental certification with NSF.

Quality Control

At Wisdom World Class Products, quality is a way of life. Long before the first product is ever produced, quality standards have been used to select the following;

  • high-quality materials,
  • efficient formulations and metallurgy,
  • advanced engineering, testing and quality control applications,
  • transparency and traceability

to ensure that Wisdom provides the highest value for each dollar paid and our customers describe the business they do with Wisdom as problem-free.

Our Promise

Throughout our existence and experience in the market, we can confidently say that we have our fingers on the pulse of the industry and understand the requirements for affordable components very well. Wisdom Heavy Duty Brake Products` promise is to provide greater value by offering truly reliable products at a reasonable price level, while meeting the required performance and safety expectations. Designed especially for moderate terrain and over-the-road applications, our products are built with your cost in mind and your safety in every weld, every test, and every breath.