Quality Control

Quality Control

State-of-the-art quality control

This part is the reason why our customers choose Wisdom Products over the other manufacturers in the affordable price range. What sets us apart is, at Wisdom, quality control does not only mean the random quality checks at the end, but rather, it embraces the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

We are committed to maintaining the reliability we have been offering to our valuable fleet customers from day one. To honor our commitment, we set high standards at every stage of the production process, strictly follow certification requirements and place extreme importance to the following;

    • deliberate selection process of high-quality raw material suppliers
    • using efficient formulations and metallurgy
    • quality control with advanced engineering and testing applications
    • utilizing ever-evolving manufacturing technologies
    • batch coding and traceability

In particular, we run multiple tests at the pre- and post-production phases, including, but not limited to, perfect alignment, tensile strength, concentricity, balancing, metallurgy, chemical content, anti-corrosion, performance and longevity.

These principles and attention to quality control indicate how we strive to protect our most valuable capital, being known as “the most budget-friendly and problem-free brand in the market".